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Welcome to The NLV Project!
My Dear Fellow Denizens of NLV!

It has been an amazing two years since I first launched The NLV Project and independently published the first chapter of my New Las Vegas science fiction eBook series, NLV — The House Always Wins, and launching it at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con.

What an amazing time my Chief Visionary Officer PK Fogarty and I have had going to both the 2012 & 2013 San Diego Comic-Cons together promoting NLV; the launching of the second chapter NLV — Double Down (in March of 2013); and all the events in between (from local comic-cons in the Boston/Providence areas to social media events and more).

And especially the creation of my TV/web show NICK'S SCI-FI CORNER where I featured (in a humorous way) a whole segment dedicated to discussing NLV in the episode titled, Aliens with Benefits!

And I am more than halfway done with the third chapter titled NLV — The Pit Boss.

However, this road has also been fraught with a lot of setbacks and challenges; and the cost of producing more NLV chapter eBooks (on the various digital platforms), promoting NLV on social media networks and in print publications and collateral, and the continuation of The NLV Project website has become economically unsustainable. All that in conjunction with producing NICK'S SCI-FI CORNER (and my other programs and writing projects), I feel that I'm not giving The NLV Project the proper time it deserves.

I've thought about a Kickstarter project to keep The NLV Project going but have decided to go in a different direction that I feel is better for the New Las Vegas books.

First, I'm going to simply write all the remaining chapters to NLV—even if it takes me another two years to complete. Then, I'm going to get them traditionally published by finding a great literary agent to represent me, and champion these stories.

These books beg to be out there both on people's eBook readers and on the shelves. I've seen a lot of awesome established and upcoming sci-fi/fantasy authors and their remarkable books (in hand) at great venues like this year's San Diego Comic-Con (2014), and I want that for my books as well!

Seeing and hearing George RR Martin speak recently at San Diego Comic-Con really inspired me and was an epiphany to take my writing career in a whole new direction.

I want the story of NLV whole and complete, professionally polished, and traditionally published for all the world to enjoy. And I want a great agent who will rep me, guide me, fight for me, and help me to keep putting out the best possible science fiction that I know people are dying for—myself included!

We've had a great time trying to get The NLV Project off the ground. And I've learned soooo much from this adventure! But now it has grown in ways I didn't even imagine and I want to see where all of this wonderment is going to take this crazy and mind-blowing story—and me along with it!

For my fellow sci-fi authors out there: never stop writing, never give up, keep adapting, and keep fighting for your writing!

Best of all luck,
Author of NLV (a.k.a. New Las Vegas)
August 2, 2014

P.S. I will continue to keep my NLV email account active for the time being at (or click on my name just above) if you want to drop me a line to know the latest with NLV or other stuff.

Also, I'll keep the @NLVProject Twitter account active as well, and I'll post NLV stuff there—maybe someday that Tor or some other sci-fi imprint has finally published it! Click the birdie below to follow NLV on Twitter!

And finally, swing by NICK'S SCI-FI CORNER on Facebook to see all the latest happenings on my super zany sci-fi comedy, news, and talk show!

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